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Why an activist decided to run for Mayor of Lancaster, PA

Had he won, Kevin Ressler would have been the youngest mayor in Lancaster's long history. He finished second in the Spring 2017 primary, but insists his run was an important way to control the narrative and get the current mayor on the record. As a longtime activist and community leader, Kevin calls that a big win. It's also allowed him the space to be what many politicians can't afford to be: transparent about his own party's political machine.

"The way you control the narrative is by making sure you understand what's at stake, you understand the way the game is going to be played as best you can, and then you find a way to be more virtuous, to be more hardworking and diligent, and to outsmart your competition. That's how we win." - Kevin Ressler

Keep up with Kevin on his blog, or send him a message via the Lancaster Action Now Facebook page.

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