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Trash Talk with Michelle Feldman and Nic Esposito of Philly's Waste and Litter Cabinet

Every week a city employee or contractor comes and whisks your trash away to some far off place. But it turns out 'away' isn't that far, and it's filling up fast.

In this episode I talk with Michelle Feldman and Nic Esposito about Philly's plan to curb the waste and litter problem. We discuss some of the basic challenges of any large-scale metro waste management program, why the current approach isn’t sustainable for much longer, and where Philly’s action plan stands out as cities around the country move to adopt similar zero waste principles.

That, plus, "Where the hell have I been?!"

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After you listen to the episode, check out for a look at the meticulously gathered "Litter Index."

And here are some additional resources and ways to get involved if you live in Philly:

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